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A graduate of the Institut Supérieur de Design de Valenciennes (Rubika Group) in 2002, I then joined an object-based communication company in 2003. In charge of R&D, I had enriching experiences, particularly with China and India (countries with which I continue my partnerships to this day).

Then, in 2005, I created Bleu Kaktus in Rennes. The story continues since that date with richer encounters than each other and projects as varied as exhilarating ...

My activity is not limited to the life of a bear in its den, far from it ...

Industrial design has led me to work with partners who have been reliable and loyal since 2003 ... Projects are thus carried out from A to Z, from the first stroke of the pencil to customer delivery, including prototyping ...

Communication leads me to collaborate with educational partners, screen printers, motion designers, web developers, etc.

Training when it comes, allows me to meet many people whose skills and pedagogy are complementary to mine.

Anne-Sophie Curis-Thoby


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